Lack of Opportunities and Chances can lead to a miserable Life for any One, However, What happens if you Get the chance and You are not able to make it. Opportunities keep Knocking, Are You Ready to Prove Your Competence ???

This is the story of the Roman Emperor Claudius. He was suffering from various physical Problems & Difficulties. There was vibration in his head and hands, Muscles were hard to move due to which he had slow, Shuffling, Stiff movements & He faced issues While Moving or Performing any activity.

Historians believe that he was probably suffering from cerebral palsy or Tourette syndrome. His family made fun of his physical disability. The Family considered these weaknesses a source of public embarrassment for the royal family. Even his mother used to call him a Monster. When she had to scold someone, she used to say that they are more useless than Claudius. His sister believed that Rome would never accept him as Their Emperor.
Are You Ready to Prove Your Competence ???

He entered politics relatively late in life. He was not placed in important public positions & was always kept far away due to physical constraints. Claudius’ Uncle, Emperor Tiberius, repeatedly declined his requests to begin His political career.

Claudius dismounted, abandoned his political aspirations and began spending his time playing dice and drinking alcohol. Then he turned to books and educational studies. Despite being castigated for his inferiority and innocence, He was actually quite sharp-minded, influencing the historian Levi, who encouraged Claudius to write.

Claudius wrote dozens of books on Roman history.His written work may no longer available but he was highly respected at his time. The highly Respected Roman historian Tacitus also used Claudius’s work as a Source in his own writings. When he was 37 years old, he was first appointed to a position of lesser repute.

When his nephew Caligula took the royal post, he appointed Claudius as his co-counselor, when Claudius was about 46 years of age. He had to be constantly publicly humiliated at the hands of the nephew Emperor Caligula.According to the ancient historian Suetonius, Caligula felt a lot of gaiety at making fun of his uncle. If Claudius was to nap at a public feast, the guest was encouraged to throw olives and dates at him.
Are You Ready to Prove Your Competence ???

However The Physical weaknesses actually proved to the advantage of Claudius as he was never seen as a serious threat. He survived his potential enemies while his family was being murdered one-by-one. On January 24, 41, after Caligula’s assassination, Claudius unexpectedly gained power. After the nephew’s murder, he hid behind the curtain in the palace in fear. He was discovered by royal guards loyal to the royal family. Being the last Male member of the family, he was declared Emperor on the spot. The Senate at first did not agree with this decision but later agreed. In this way he became the fourth emperor of Rome.
Are You Ready to Prove Your Competence ???

He was the first Roman emperor to be born outside Italy, his reign lasting from 41 A.D. to 54 A.D. His parents were Drusus and Antonia Minor. Even with his Multiple Physical weaknesses, Claudius proved to be a competent, efficient and a popular administrator. After assuming Power, he first Sentenced the Nephew’s killers. Organized Games in memory of his Mother. After coming to power, his Health also improved very fast. It can be said that he used to stay more sick only due to the mental pain caused by insults and taunts. He was also very interested in construction work. He built new roads, water bodies and canals in the empire. During his reign, the empire conquered Britain. He was the Rightful ruler & Used to monitor the judicial system personally & attend The Public courts and delivered about 20 judgments each day.

Historians hold different views on the cause of King Claudius’s death. Some ancient historians say that Claudius was killed by his wife feeding him poisonous mushrooms at dinner. Third wife Agrippina crowned his son Nero & This act of killing Claudius was carried out under a conspiracy to ensure that Nero Can be Crowned as the New King.But some current historians hold a different opinion, arguing that Claudius died unknowingly by eating poisonous mushrooms.
Are You Ready to Prove Your Competence ???

Whatever has been the truth, it has been buried in layers of time, but it is true that when A person Who was Called Unworthy & Worthless, When got an Opportunity, Proved to be a Capable and Justified Emperor Who extended the Roman Empire to Britain and Raised The honor of the State.

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