The Inspiring, “Iron lady of Pakistan”, Muniba Mazari – Muniba Mazari was 18 years old when She got married. Her father wanted her to get married and all She agreed to her fathers Request to keep him Happy.

However, The Marriage Didn’t Last long & it was never a happy marriage. Just about after two years of getting married She met with a car accidents. Somehow Her husband fell asleep and the car fell in the ditch. While her Husband, managed to jump out & saved himself, She stayed inside the car and She sustained Multiple injuries on her body.

The wrist was fractured, shoulder bone and collar bone were fractured, Her whole rib-cage got fractured and because of the rib cage injury lungs and liver were badly injured. She couldn’t breathe & have lost urinal bowel control, Because of Which, She had to wear the bag wherever She Went.

Celebrate Your Life, Live it. Don’t Die Before Your Death, We all Die! ― Muniba Mazari

Three vertebrae off Her back bone were completely crushed and She got paralyzed for the rest of her life. She was taken to the hospital where She stayed for almost two and a half months and underwent multiple surgeries.

One day, Doctor came to her and said, “well, I heard that you wanted to be an artist, but you ended up being a housewife, I have a bad news for you. you won’t be able to paint again because your wrist and your arm are so deformed, that you won’t be able to hold a pen again”.

The Inspiring, “Iron lady of Pakistan”, Muniba Mazari

The Next day, Doctor came to her again and told her that, her spine injury is so bad, that she won’t be able to walk again & because of her spine injury and the fixation that she has in her back, She won’t be able to give birth to a child again.

After Hearing to all, what the doctor said, to her, that day, She was Devastated. She asked Her Mother, “Why Me” & “Why am I even alive”.

This Was the time, where She started to question her existence and that is where She realized that, The words have the power to heal the soul. Her Mother told her that, “this time too shall pass & God has greater plans for her, She don’t know what it is, but it surely has .

While Talking about Her Experience, She Says, that, in all that distress & grief, those words from her Mom, were nothing less than magical & somehow or the other, they kept Her going.

Happiness; a place between too much and too little! ― Muniba Mazari

One day She told her brother’s that, She is very well aware of the fact that, She has deformed hand, but She is tired of looking at those white walls in the hospital and wearing those white scrubs & wants to add more colors to Her life.

She Asked her Brother to bring her some colors & small canvas as She wanted to paint. The very first painting She made was on her death bed, Where She painted for the very first time it was not just an art piece or Her Passion, it was more of a Medical and Emotional therapy.

The Inspiring, “Iron lady of Pakistan”, Muniba Mazari

When She was discharged from the Hospital and went back home, She realized that, She has developed a load of pressure ulcers on her back and on her hip bone, because of which, She was unable to sit. There were a lot of infections & a lot of allergies in her body, due to which, doctors wanted her to lie down on the bed straight for a period of almost two years.

She was bedridden & confined in that one room, looking outside the window, listening to the birds chirping and thinking maybe there will be a time when She’ll be going outwith a family and enjoying the nature.

This was the time, She Says, She realized, How lucky people are. This was the Time, She realized that the day, She would be able to sit, She Will Share Her pain with everyone to make them realize, how blessed they are and they don’t even consider themselves lucky. She decided that she is going to fight against all of her fears.

When you share your story and it doesn’t make you cry, that means you are healed. ― Muniba Mazari

We all have fears, fear of unknown, fear of losing people, fear of losing health & Money. We want to excel in career, we want to become famous, we want to get money, But for some or the other reason we are always scared at all the times.

She wrote down one by one all those fears and decided that she is going to overcome all of these fears one at a time. The biggest fear for her, that she has to deal with, was her divorce. She was trying to cling on to this person who didn’t want her anymore, but she wanted to make it work. However, When She, later acknowledged & decided that this is nothing but her fear, She liberated Herself by setting her Husband free and decided to make herself Strong.

The Inspiring, “Iron lady of Pakistan”, Muniba Mazari

Her Determination and decision of becoming Strong emotionally helped her in Such a way that, the day, when, she got the News, of her husband Getting Married, She sent him a text, Saying, She is so happy for him and wishes him all the best in his life. She says that her ex-husband, knows that She Prays for him, even today.

The Doctors, While Treating her, have also told her that She won’t be able to be a mother again, which was quite devastating for her. but She says, She then realized. That there are so many children in the world. all they want is acceptance. so there is no point of crying. One has to just go and adopt one, and that’s what, She did.

I don’t know how my story will end, but nowhere in my text you’ll ever read I gave up. ― Muniba Mazari

She Says that, Many People think that they will not be accepted by the Others, because we, in the world of perfect people, are imperfect. So She decided that instead of starting an NGO for disability awareness, Which She Says, She know’s, will not help anyone, She started to appear more in public.

She started to paint. She decided to join the national TV of Pakistan as an anchorperson and She has been doing a lot of shows for last Few Years. She became the National goodwill ambassador for UN Women Pakistan and now She speaks for the rights of women & children.

She talks about inclusion diversity, gender equality which is a must. She says, every time She Goes in public, She Smiles and there is always a Big “doo or die” Smile on her Face, whenever she meets and Talks to People. She Says, people often ask her, if she never gets tired of smiling all the time & what’s the secret of always staying happy.

Words have the power to heal. So choose wisely! ― Muniba Mazari

The Inspiring, “Iron lady of Pakistan”, Muniba Mazari

She always says one thing to every one, That, “I have stopped worrying about the things that I have lost & the people that have lost. Things and people who were meant to be with me are with me and some times somebody’s absence make you a better person”.

“Cherish their absence it’s always, it’s always a blessing in disguise. live your life fully accept yourself the way you are, be kind to yourself and only then, you can be kind to others. love yourself and spread that love life will be hard there will be turmoil, there will betrayal but that will only make you stronger so when you accept yourself the way you are, The world Recognizes you. It all starts from within.

In One of her Public appearances, She was Heard, Saying,

” They see my disability, I see my ability, they call me disabled I call my self differently Abled. There are some incidents that happened in your life, those incidents break you, deform you, but they mold you into the best version of you. and the same thing happened to me.”

I could not find a hero in my life so I became one. ― Muniba Mazari

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