Top New Year’s Resolutions, Which Have Always Failed.

Every Year, You make Unique & Creative, New year’s resolutions lists for Yourselves, However, if you had to look at the, Success or failure rates of Your new year’s resolutions statistics, You wont feel Surprised, because every one of us, more or less goes through that same situation, Year on Year.

So, What Goes Wrong Every time ? Lets check & understand, the facts that We plan to do & what eventually Happens. Lets go through, ” Top New Year’s Resolutions, Which Have Always Failed.” to understand Things in A Simple Manner.

1) Diet or Healthy Eating Choices.

Taste always Wins and Supersede The idea of Choosing What is Right to Eat & Making Yourself a Healthy Being. All You do is, Just Honor Your taste Buds and Promise yourself to do it from tomorrow.

2) Follow Daily Exercise Routine.

Your Heart, Mind & Body, All of them are very well aware of the fact that Exercising means putting efforts, which you are not so fond off, And After A Great & A Happening New Year Party, You do need that Rest and Relaxation Time as well, Hence, You Can always Skip Your, Daily Exercise Plan, to the Second day of the New Year, and then may continue to postpone the same For your Own good Reasons.

3) Losing weight.

What is Takes To Loose Weight ? Loosing weight seems like a Distant Dream With a constant Willingness to achieve the same. You Cant Stop Yourself Having that High Calorie, High Cholesterol and High Fat Foods & Beverages on the Happy New Year’s Eve, as it is the Celebrations day. However, What about the Next day. Year after Year,You have Found Yourself Convincing you to follow The Right Track from the Next day or week which eventually becomes days, weeks & Months.

Top New Year’s Resolutions, Which Have Always Failed.

4) Start Saving.

Would you to be able to do anything on This factor, Unless their is a rise in Your income, and, Who Knows yourself, better than you, Who thinks and lives the current Moment and cherishes what is live and available, Because this is what,makes you feel,That, You are living a great life & are not just simply existing. Considering & acknowledging Your Own Life rules and factors That You actually follow, Even you would pass this Savings plan for 2021.

5) Learning New Things.

Well, I had joined a Healthy Living Crash Course, who would teach every One, the ill effects of smoking, However, What I did Learn, was the time & ways that would keep me alive while I continue to Smoke. This might sound weird or strange, but its actually not. this only happens because their is a lot of life & habitual learning that has become an inseparable part of your life, and to be able to move on, you first need to unlearn things which, at the Current date is something,That is beyond the ease of your acceptance.

6) Quit smoking.

Again, We have been doing this from a very long time, isn’t it. We made Promises, Signed up for various motivational and life lessons, Heard to our Doctors & Insurance Specialists. Its not that we took none of them seriously. But While we were Thinking about those important and unavoidable circumstances, We wanted that Fag With Us, to be able to think about it in a deep & intense manner.

Top New Year’s Resolutions, Which Have Always Failed.

7) Follow Motivational Weekly.

By the time you reach the age when you start considering the fact that you, now, need some thing good to read in-order to learn and engage yourself in Some or the other better or positive activities, You by Yourself may find You in a pushed or rather a forced Position, because, while,you are Some what Mentally Ready to make a diligence effort to make things work as per the New schedule, You may find these efforts, Just boring or meaningless. No, Its not your fault. You always preferred to live the way you loved it.

8) Quitting Alcohol.

So, while You were Partying all year long, Celebrating Your Success & your Failure, Every Highs & Lows, Every Joy & Sadness, Every This & That With Your Best Buddy Called alcohol, & while You are Still having it when, Thinking of reducing or may be Quitting it. Don’t you Think that you are asking too much from yourself.

9) Spending Time with Family and Friends.

Time & again,We Have Promised, Decided & have made our intentions Clear and Concise, Still for various & number of reasons we fail to make it. Its Indeed True, That, We some how manage every thing on high, low or Zero Priority, We however, fail to dedicate that Precious time to our friends and family. Lets try not to fail, at-least on this side of life.

This Post is written for humor (For 30 Plus), to make your hearts feel lighter & Sponsor a smile.

Did we learn something new from this, or what could be The take away from this article, is something that I leave it for the readers to decide.

Think about it, Do what is Great for You, Make an Informed Choice for Your Life…

Wish Every One A Very Happy New Year Year 2020….



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