What is an Expertise Or Talent ? Once, A Very Rich Man was carrying some of his belongings in a ship That was filled with water, then suddenly, some storm came on the way & The Engine of his ship stopped working. Everybody Was very upset & Worried as there were many Educated and Well Known Engineers with That man & all of them have tried, Whatever They could, However Nothing happened and They Couldn’t Fix The Engine & at last Everyone Was tired and started thinking what to do now.

What is an Expertise Or Talent ?

A Very Old Man was Travelling on that Ship, Who was Repairing Ships to Make-a-living. A Boy on that ship knew him & when no one could do anything, This boy told everyone about that Old Man. First of all, everybody laughed a lot on What This Boy Said & later asked him to call that Old Man, to see, how big, an engineer, He is & How could He Fix Something which They could not do.

The Boy Went to the Old Man and asked him to do something as all the Engineers and Technicians on-board have already tried but could not fix The issue. The Old Man with a Tool bag with him, started looking at the engine for a long time. Every One sitting there, were looking at the old man and couldn’t figure out, what this Old Man is doing, by just looking at the engine. After a while, when he did nothing, everyone started laughing Again.

Then, Suddenly, A Voice was heard by Everyone. The Old Man hit a part Of The Engine with His Hammer & The Engine started. Every One Standing around were amazed & The eyes of the people were left wide open. Everyone Started Feeling Bad and were very embarrassed.

After Some Time, The Old Man gave The Rich Man a Bill of Twenty Thousand Dollars. On seeing the Bill, The Rich Man went mad & Said, This Old Man did nothing, Other than Hitting the Hammer Once, So How Could He Charge This Much & Wrote A Small Note on the Bill & asked The Old Man, That, Why is He asking for such money, for Doing Nothing.

What is an Expertise Or Talent ?

A Little later, The Reply of The Old Man Reaches The Rich Man, Which Said, Sir, “One Thousand Dollars For Hitting The Hammer & Rest of The Money is to Identify the Right Place to Hit The Hammer“. Hearing this, The Rich Man’s eyes Were left open & he had to pay all the Money.

So friends, This Story Teaches Us that if we want to do something different in life then We Should always Stay Focused & Work in the Right Manner & in The Right direction.




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