What is life all about ? What Is the Purpose of Life ? In the world, we can easily distinguish or classify Life between two things, Matter & Thoughts. Substances contain the objects of the entire physical world, our Homes, Furniture, cars, stars, and meteorites. Thoughts come in love, democracy, beauty, humanity, faith and doubt.

These classes naturally make sense to us. But deepening the thoughts, we see that there is a connection between thoughts and matter. For example, sadness is an idea, but depression is a disease that cannot be solved only by thoughts and inspirational literature.

What is Life?: With Mind and Matter and Autobiographical Sketches (Canto Classics) By Cambridge University Press

The deteriorating balance of chemicals in your brain is a physical problem that requires medication. And on the contrary, an event can worsen the chemical balance of your brain and thoughts cause changes in substance.


So when we can see the relevance of the physical and mental world, then there is another thing which is very important in understanding the world, and through it, life. That is the structure of the world.

Beyond Thoughts & Matter, the world also has a law of inertia and a special numerical form of gravity. These natural principles do not depend on the human mind.

They are in the world, part of the world, and they themselves are the world, Whether we give the word soul or consciousness, it is clear that its relevance as a world is such that our life is subject to its principles.

Forcibly separating spirituality and materialist aspects is a misleading deception in which we often come because naturally we get this view.

Life Is What You Make It: Find Your Own Path to Fulfillment By Three Rivers Press


Now, Lets Talk about Life. In the midst of the existence of substances, some chemical structures were formed long ago which had a tendency to protect their form. These structures made of protein competed with each other in which they started wearing fat armor on themselves to make themselves more and more capable of their protection.

It is this that he started the new work of shielding that fat armor from his convenience, we can call it the first body building. This process later brought life into its form as a unicellular organism which we use in the context of the origin of life.

The story after that is the story of the development of the complexity of such bodies, which was presented by the most important scientist of our time, Darwin. In the same process of development, man came into its present form some 2 lakh years ago.

However, self-defense is not the biological purpose of these bodies. Their purpose is to protect their genes. In the history of evolution, sacrificing the body to protect genes has been a common practice.

These genes are the basic unit of life that determines a lot from our nature and behavior to the behavior of society. So are we nothing more than machines programmed to protect Genes? it is us…

My View of the World By Cambridge University Press

The brain started as a shield of fat to protect the genes, and this armor was then mixed with all other substances in our present body. But with the development of the brain, the beauty of nature, curiosity about life, personality and public concepts gave birth to a refined collection of which we call humanity.

These concepts freed the brain from the slavery of genes. Today’s human can abandon the body to humanity whether beneficial or not for its genes. In this element of development, man is the only creature who contemplates life and finds a strong charge within it to make it meaningful.


We have our own will. Free will! Our life stands in front of many unheard riddles such as whether this free will came into existence only with the development of human or is it a common quality of the world which lies in the texture of the world even beyond our existence.

What is Life?: How Chemistry Becomes Biology (Oxford Landmark Science) By Oxford University Press

Religious principles keep this desire as an outward quality and try to give some purpose to life by sponsoring God-like concepts. Spiritual thinking gives this desire and enlightenment an ideal term for self-awareness by naming this desire and enlightenment as a larger worldly taunt & logical thinking first raises the question of the independence of this desire and then makes life go beyond its biological form and aims to create a purpose for itself.


In the midst of all these choices we have about life, it is a difficult question to choose ways to live it, and its freedom to claim its meaning or futility.

We can live it with reverence on any of the available options, or we can make a way of ourselves by adopting any available option according to our thinking, or by removing the idea of ​​the existence of external beyond the consciousness of life, Can be made according to the present available in front of you.

Who Will Cry When You Die? By Jaico Publishing House

Ultimately the result of bio-chemical processes is an opportunity for the thoughts and deeds of a conscious mind to think between the existence of the human life world and our own existence in front of which we have the freedom to create anything but its predefined definition.


Whether, We are Deprived of being aware of being Objective or not, This Deprivation is an integral part of Human life upon which every One of us is Obliged to have his Philosophy & also the Responsibility to Give it, its Desired form. So let’s live & let live, At-least This Should be the Minimum ideal Way for Us to get along naturally with the existence of People like Ourselves.

Open Your Doors for Life

Its High time You Should Open Your Doors for Life, Yes it is. Be Positive, Think affirmative, Allow Circumstances & Situations to Work in Your Favor. Give it Some time, If You cannot drive it by yourselves, simply allow your Karma (deeds) to take things forward. Sooner or Later, You, Yourself will Determine, that if Your Karma (deeds) was right and universally acceptable, it will always match up to the so called happiness percentage, That you have always, equally Deserved.

What is Life?

With every passing day, date & time, we are either loosing to reach towards Our goals, or are moving closer to our destinations. So technically, We are Either rising or may be falling, However, There is nothing wrong in falling, Because, This is what we call as the learning curve of Life.

So, Keep Learning. Stay Motivated.

What are Your thoughts about it ???

Thank You…


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